I joined Post Graduation in 2007 when I was done with my post-graduation; it’s been almost ten to twelve years that I’m into orthopaedics. And what we have seen is a remarkable difference in the approach to the surgeries and the advancement in the implants, techniques that we use in a surgery. Now there are specific nails, plates and equipment for particular fractures, as earlier there was one nail and one plate that was meant for all sorts of fractures in bones. These latest advancements have definitely improved the outcome of surgeries and the implants for joint-replacement surgeries have improved so much that the risk involved of wear and tear have decreased, this way the life-span of the implants have increased. Plus, the orthopaedics set-ups have improved now, we are having Modular OT’s in Ranchi and ten years back it was a dream that there could be a set-up for joint replacement surgeries. Now you can say that there are 3 or 4 centres in Ranchi that have Modular Operation Theatres that are doing regular arthroscopy, joint replacement surgeries and such others.